Platinum Butterfly Kiss Waterproof Dual

If there is one product I think every female on a budget (that also wants a worthwhile vibe) should have, it's the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss Seriously, I love it. I cannot imagine my life without my Butterfly Kisses vibrator, orgasm has taken on a whole new meaning, because I am able to play with myself anywhere, and its compact, and fits in my purse very discreetly, so I can sneak in a bathroom at my favorite restaurant and get my juices flowing again, and sometimes I even make a lot of noise, and the other women in the bathroom hear me moaning, but this vibrator amazing, and it just makes you want to lose your senses in the moment as you're coming all over your Butterfly Kiss vibrator.

I would have loved to see California Exotics upgrade their Platinum Edition into a silicone, body-safe material as they've been making quite a few affordable silicone toys lately. I have no idea how the Butterfly Kiss vibrator has gotten so popular, but I firmly believe that this vibrator is so bad that it would even bore complete beginners.

CalExotics has taken the very limited intimate toy options from the past and created a world of pleasure products for men, women and couples. This Butterfly Kiss also has an easy push button at the base for easy control. The fluttering wings tease and tantalize, with three speeds of intense power.

I'm experienced with different toys and this is one of the best low priced g-spot toys I have ever owned. This toy is made from soft TPR material that's phthalate-free, and it requires 2 AAA batteries to power the vibrations (not included). The wings and antennae of this pliable butterfly flutter faster with each increase of vibration speed to tickle external sweet spots and send you soaring into a wonderland of pleasure.

I expressed to them that reaching an orgasm is no problem for this little Butterfly Kiss vibrator, and after a week, my girlfriends and I got together, and discussed our own experiences with our new toys. This amazing combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation will send you soaring to ecstasy.

From left to right, we've got: one soft plastic button that lets a user toggle between 'œoff' and each of the nine vibration modes, a small printed circuit board to control speed and vibration, contacts for the battery case, a silicone -ring to waterproof the one spot where the consumer can actually open the device, a molded plastic container to hold the two AAAs that provide electrons to run the thing, and a small motor.

The Butterfly Kiss vibrator is a sex toy based on one of the most popular types of design for a vibrator. This power-packed vibe has three vibration speeds operated with a frustration-free button control. With their extra power, these Duracell AA batteries are ideal for keep your sex toys vibrating long after they have satisfied your craving with this duracell battery.

The Butterfly Kiss vibrator is made of jelly and is 7 inches in total length with only 3 inches insertable length. The vibration is mainly in the bottom portion of the device so there is not much vibration at the end of it. The butterfly portion is not very rigid and will not do much if you enjoy heavy stimulation.

If you like the light, fluttering sensation, though, this one does have it - but not as intense of fluttering as other toys we've tried. An upgraded version of one of the best-selling vibrators from California Exotics, the Platinum Butterfly Kiss is a powerful arouser made of TPR.

The Butterfly Kiss features three powerful vibration speeds (from a gentle whir to a stronger hum) and a clitoral stimulator with fluttering wings and antennae. I'm someone that likes to use pressure against my body with vibrations, and with this g-spot toy, it's silicone g spot vibrator really not possible as the vibrations pretty much go dead” when pressure is applied.

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